30Reasons has matured and reached the next phase of our adventure. Many people have contributed to where we are now, and hopefully, many more will join us on the way. We feel the project has developed enough now to continuously share information, perspectives and news. In order to make you all part of this journey, we want to take the opportunity and kick-off our blog campaign with some quotes we collected over the last year.

For today, it is the statement of a very experienced and successful fellow filmmaker, photographer and source of unlimited travel knowledge:

“This is a fascinating and inspiring story that demonstrates how fly fishing is about so much more than simply catching fish. The trailer for the film is amazing, and the finished product promises to be something that is truly in a league of its own when it comes to fly fishing film projects.”

Jim Klug

Director of Operations - Yellow Dog Flyfishing Adventures

Thank you Jim for this kind feedback!

Everyone following us, please expect to receive more information about what has happened, where we will be next and what obstacles we have to overcome step-by-step, soon.

We would be honored and happy to take you on our trip!

Berthold & Martin